How We Work

system review

Understand Current Systems

  • Audit your current systems and processes
  • Determine the core system functionality needed to operate your Business
Streamline processes

Remove Bottlenecks & Streamline Business Processes

  • Identify repetitive problems currently causing your business the most pain
  • Determine the root cause(s) of these and put a systems solution in place
  • Simplify and rationalise any inefficient or redundant Systems and Software
Centralise documents

Document & Store in Centralised Knowledge Bank

  • Create a central location to store your streamlined systems and procedures
  • By storing your procedures in a Google Site they can be accessed at any time
  • Your staff can easily search, update and improve your procedures from any device

Automate Repetitive Tasks & Core Processes

  • Look for opportunities to automate manual activities and repetitive tasks
  • Can be simple as the creation of a spreadsheet or software instead of paper
  • Or as powerful as implementing Ontraport CRM Business Automation
Staff management

Align Staff to Best Practises

  • Your Staff will be involved in determining root causes of Bottlenecks
  • Staff will help create optimal procedures rather each doing their own thing
  • Both of these activities will let them see a bigger picture and gain alignment


Before working with Systems in Sync I was always struggling to keep track of my clients bookings as they purchase blocks or 4 or 8 weekly swimming lessons at a time. Sometimes they can’t make a lesson and need to reschedule, which was a nightmare to keep track of. I would often forget to invoice them for the next block so was always chasing them for money.

Within 2 sessions with Systems in Sync, my booking system was migrated from a spreadsheet to a single Google form and integrated with my calendar. I now get an email reminder to send out a clients next invoice – before it is due !!

I used to spend 10 minutes setting up a new client – this now takes 3 mins. I used to spend 2 hours a day tracking lessons and invoices – this now takes 30 mins. And this is my biggest benefit… I now have an extra hour EVERY day to grow my business.

Thank you Systems In Sync 🙂

Dean Hawkins, Deano's Nemos

I always wanted to have something in place for customers – an Anniversary Reminder System. So when their event is coming up they get a reminder to purchase some flowers again this year. But I just did not have the knowledge or even know where to find something like this.

Then I met Ken. He told me he could set something up which would have no ongoing monthly fees to pay. I was hooked.

He set up an App on my phone where I enter in the customer details. It automatically puts an entry into my calendar, customer database, and reminds both of us 2 weeks before the next anniversary is due. So then a week out if I haven’t heard from the customer I give them a courtesy call.

We’ve only had going on a short time really, just a couple of months. And already we’ve had people ringing to say that we sent them a reminder – so really, it’s all about repeat business for us.

I would highly recommend Systems In Sync if you want to make things much simpler in your business. Ken has some great ideas, give him a call.

Annette Moss, East Maitland Florist

I had Major frustration trying to get multiple systems to talk to each other. I thought this would be pretty straight forward, however after countless hours going back and forth and dealing with lingo that was foreign to me I realised I was well out of my depth.

Ken’s excellent communication really stood out while working on my project. He provided many ideas about how to implement what I wanted to achieve, and streamlined the process way better than I thought possible.

Everything was explained about the systems that had been set up and Ken also trained me on how to change them myself going forward if required.

Jess Dooley, You, me and Acai

Free Up Time

Systems in Sync Free Up Time

Who is this for?

•We don’t have the time for the things we want to do in the business.

•We seem to always be getting bogged down in day to day activities or the latest emergency.

•We need some personal breathing space so that we can focus on getting the important things done.

Meet at least 1 hour per week to determine Root Causes

Optional Ontraport CRM subscription if required

Weekly fee while eliminating time bottlenecks

Easy Access Systems

Systems in Sync Easy Access Systems

Who is this for?

•Our procedures are all over the place and we can never find the one we want.

•They need to be centrally located, easy to find and access from anywhere.

•Our customers also need to be on a common database linked to our website enquiries.

Meet at least 2 hours per week to develop systems

Optional Ontraport CRM subscription if required

Weekly fee while creating and documenting systems

Platform To Grow

Systems in Sync Platform to Grow

Who is this for?

•We often fall down on the simple things we should be getting right every time.

•We need to put things in place to ensure we regularly convert enquiries into sales.

•And then reliably and efficiently deliver our products and services to the customer.

Meet at least 2 hours per week to develop systems and automation

Ontraport CRM subscription required

Weekly fee while creating and automating systems

Lifestyle Launch

Systems in Sync Lifestyle Launch

Who is this for?

•We are ready to scale and grow the business as our core processes are now reliable and efficient.

•We need to automate our marketing, customer care and referral systems.

•We want to create a well-oiled business machine, giving us choices on the lifestyle we want to lead.

Meet at least 2 hours per week to develop systems and automation

Ontraport CRM subscription required

Weekly fee while creating and automating systems

Who We Work With

About Us

Systems in Sync build systems to transform businesses into well-oiled machines.

They can be as simple as checklists, or organising your filing systems, or documentation of your business systems on Google Sites.

They can be as powerful as a fully integrated CRM that controls both internal and external tasks and processes for your entire business.

What we do will depend on your needs and how much you want to release yourself from the day-to-day operations of your business.


Let’s see if our skills are a match for your needs.

Systems In Sync

Ken Hawkins, Systems Architect